Our Vision

Our vision

Our vision is simple and clear. We aim to help people every day and make them happy.

Our purpose

The ACE exists to protect and enhance the lifestyle of its members.

We consider everything we do through our Members and customers’ eyes and aim to deliver products and services that add continuous value and enrich their lives. We are focused on making our customers happy and provide them with a “Guaranteed Peace of Mind”

Our Corporate Values

Our Corporate Values define what we stand for, and what we expect of our people. They drive our business strategy and are the pillars of our culture.

Team work

  • We work collaboratively to accomplish shared goals. We respect the needs and contributions of others and take responsibility for our actions, both as individuals and teams.


  • We are accountable, communicate openly and honestly and deliver on our promises.

Improving continuously

  • We use our initiative and strive to improve ourselves, others around us, systems and processes to create value for our members.

Members first

  • We focus on the creation of value for members by always putting the members’ needs and interests first.

Employee fulfilment

  • We achieve because we are motivated and empowered to perform and learn. We acknowledge and value each other for our contributions. We have fun, work/life balance and have opportunities to grow and develop in a safe environment.